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Alignment Check

Complimentary Toyota Alignment Checks in Westbury, NY

Any number of road conditions can gently push your tires out of alignment, and any number of accidents and collisions can severely misalign your tires. Regardless of the source, a bad alignment can cause your tires to wear down irregularly, which causes tire failure much earlier than normal. Not only is this annoying and costly for you, but it also can be dangerous for you and your tires. At Westbury Toyota, we’re proud to offer a complimentary alignment check for your vehicle, so you never have to wonder if it’s time to align.

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Our Complimentary Alignment Checks Have More

While many other alignment checks are just a measurement of your tires’ angles, we want to do better than many others. That’s why our alignment checks go above and beyond and also check other vital parts of your wheels. This extends to the steering linkages, shocks, and more. We’ll even check your tire pressure to make sure you’re ready to roll. When you get a complimentary alignment check at Westbury Toyota, you get multiple services - and they’re all on us.

Certified Technicians Carry Out Your Alignment Check

An alignment check is a precise service. There are many ways the wheel could be knocked or left too loose or otherwise lose some of its alignment before the work is even over. However, our certified technicians are experts who know exactly what they’re doing, and they won’t let any of your wheels leave the shop unless they’re on your car in the exact angles Toyota recommends. You can trust the expertise of our technicians to put your wheels right where they should be.

Your Toyota Deserves OEM Replacement Parts

Whenever there’s a replacement to be done, we offer genuine Toyota parts. These parts aren’t just a part with the Toyota brand on it; they’re the same parts Toyota designed for your car and would put in your car in the factory. OEM parts let your Toyota perform to the same high standards of quality and safety that Toyota has for all its cars. You’re guaranteed to get the right part for your vehicle and that it will function right for you when you choose OEM parts.


Come to Westbury Toyota for Your Complimentary Alignment Check

An alignment check will always be helpful to you, as it gives you vital information about your vehicle. The more you know about upcoming services, the more you can preserve the life of your car, and the more you can save on bundles of service with our service specials. We’re excited to give your Toyota the ultimate complimentary alignment check, so set up your appointment online today, and we’ll be waiting!

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