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Wheel Alignment Services

Westbury Toyota Service

Toyota Wheel Alignment in Westbury, NY

Sometimes it isn't easy to recognize if your car's wheels are out of alignment. However, driving a vehicle out of alignment can cause uneven wear to your tires, hurt your gas mileage, and cause your car to pull to one side. If neglected, it could be dangerous to you and other passengers in your vehicle. That is why at Westbury Toyota, we can provide a certified wheel alignment check and services to keep your car up to factory specifications.

Why Alignment Services are Necessary

When your car was brand new, its alignment was perfect. However, we, as flawed human beings, are not perfect drivers. As we navigate the roads as best we can, sometimes we jump curbs, hit potholes, or drive on some jarring streets. The regular wear and tear can slowly shift our wheels out of alignment. That is why we need technicians, like those at Westbury Toyota, to check our vehicle's alignment often. In the long run, this service can save drivers time and money.

Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

There are multiple benefits to ensuring your vehicle is aligned correctly.

  • Wheel alignments can extend tire life. When out of alignment, your tires will wear out unevenly and cause early replacements of tires.
  • Wheel alignments can improve gas mileage. Even if you can't feel that your vehicle is out of alignment, it can take a toll on your MPG because your tires are not angled for optimum performance.
  • Getting a wheel alignment makes your car safer. Cars with misaligned wheels are at higher risk of accidents and blowouts.

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Wheel Alignment Services

Westbury Toyota

Wheel Alignment Checks

Our technicians will look at your vehicle's alignment and, if needed, go for a test drive to understand and feel the vehicle's alignment.

Westbury Toyota

Two-Wheel Alignment

This service is also commonly referred to as a front-end alignment. Our technicians will use our state of the art facility to check and adjust each wheel's angles known as camber, caster, and toe.

Westbury Toyota

Four-Wheel Alignment

The technician will check the camber, caster, and toe of each of the four wheels. He or she will then adjust the angles of each wheel back to factory specifications.

Toyota Certified Service in Westbury, NY

At Westbury Toyota, we can provide an alignment service using certified Toyota technicians and state of the art equipment. We are committed to excellence and seek to exceed expectations. Let us help you be safer on the road. We provide certified service and OEM parts to our valued customers. If you are curious about your vehicle's alignment, stop by for a wheel alignment check at Westbury Toyota today.



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