2020 Silver Toyota Prius Prime here on Long Island, NY.

Previewing the 2020 Toyota Prius Prime

Posted at Fri, Jun 28, 2019 9:45 AM

2020 has some exciting changes on board for the Toyota Prius Prime - changes that we here at Westbury Toyota are eager to share with all of you. While it’s not a complete overhaul for this popular plug-in hybrid, what’s new and different is significant enough to warrant a lot of interest among those with a keen eye for the hybrid class. If you’ve been eyeing up the Prime for a while and are looking for reasons to check it out, look no further – we’re going to give you an in-depth preview of the 2020 Prime right here and right now!

Upgrades in the Tech Department

Toyota’s no slouch when it comes to inclusive technology and they’re proving that yet again with next year’s Prime model. The hybrid will now boast Apple CarPlay and SiriusXM Satellite radio, along with Amazon Alexa capability – and all of it is standard. With Amazon Alexa, drivers get access to new levels of convenience. You’ll be able to do things like make in-car purchases for music downloads and apps.

In addition, Alexa will let you control aspects of your smart home from your car, and alternatively let you access your car from home in order to do things like remote starting or checking the fuel levels. Passengers reap the benefits of the new Prime tech upgrades as well as there are now two USB charging ports available for the back row. While the exact details aren’t quite known yet, as Green Car Reports points out, it’s probably safe to expect that the Premium trim level will net you a power driver’s seat and integrated navigation while the Advanced trim will let you take advantage of an 11-inch center display and a head’s up display.

Better Comfort, More Style

Perhaps one of the biggest changes coming for the new Prime is the addition of a middle seat for the back, which ups the passenger capacity to five. The back seat can now house three people comfortably instead of just two. In terms of aesthetics, you can expect to see new sun visor extenders and some sharp black interior trim accents instead of white. The buttons to activate the front seat heaters have been relocated, allowing for easier access. There have been no changes to the Prime’s exterior for the 2020 model, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing - the Prime is still rocking its distinct, standout appearance.

Better Than Good Efficiency

The Prime’s been noted in the past for having great efficiency and fortunately that’s still the case for the 2020 model. As the writers of Car and Driver detail, Toyota says that while running with a depleted battery, the Prime can get 56 miles per gallon (mpg) combined - far better mileage than you’ll see from any other hybrid when driving only on gasoline. While running solely on battery power (lithium-ion), you can expect to get 25 miles of range. There are several different efficiency modes you can choose from at the push of a button, including:

  • Standard: automatically maximizes efficiency
  • Hybrid: conserves battery charge for later use
  • EV: Utilizes battery charge until depleted

Improving Perfection

As you can see from our little preview, while the upcoming changes in the 2020 Prime aren’t huge, they are notable. Fuel efficiency is still beyond compare, and on top of that drivers (and passengers) get to enjoy some minor but striking aesthetic changes, as well as the introduction of some game-changing technology with the integration of Amazon Alexa. An additional seat in the back means that there’s more room for passengers or cargo, which is good news for families in the market for a hybrid. In all, the 2020 Prime looks to be the hybrid to beat – and that’s saying something considering Toyota’s also got the Prius in its lineup!

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