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Toyota Supra GT4 Race Car Coming to Westbury in 2020

Posted at Fri, Aug 2, 2019 10:45 AM

Westbury Toyota has some news for anyone who has ever wanted to own a race car: Now you can! Toyota Gazoo Racing has announced that the iconic fifth generation Supra sports car is in production for the 2020 racing season. This track-ready car is a part of Toyota’s plan to increase its focus on the motorsports scene by helping more people be able to take part in racing.

Similarities and Differences Between Race and Road

During the reveal of the Supra GT4, Toyota revealed that the race and road versions of the Supra would share some features. As Viknesh Vijayenthiron of Motor Authority reports, the GT4 has the same Inline-6 3.0-liter (L) turbocharged engine, as well as low weight and balanced chassis. The wide track and wheelbase of the car lend the car the “golden ratio” of 1.55, which is incredibly ideal in terms of both agility and stability, and combined, these features give the Supra GT4 a definitive edge in the racing circuit.

The main difference between the road version and race version of the Supra are mainly exterior. The rear wing and the front diffuser have been developed in order to improve optimal downforce while at the same time reducing aerodynamic drag in order to improve track times. These two exterior components are made of some pretty surprising materials, as well – instead of carbon fiber, they’re actually made out of flax and hemp as part of Toyota’s commitment to taking an environmentally-friendly approach to motorsports.

What’s Going on Underneath?

There are more similarities and differences underneath the car, but everything that’s different was done with improving track performance in mind. As the writers of Hypebeast point out, the GT4’s suspension geometry is identical to that of the road version. Some other race-specific additions include:

  • Dampers
  • High-strength anti-roll bars
  • Competition springs
  • Rapid refueling system
  • Huge rear spoiler
  • Custom exhaust work
  • Automatic rear-wheel drive (RWD) transmission

The GT4 also boasts Brembo brakes to ensure that drivers have all the braking edge they need while on the track. Toyota has said that the engine gets some powerhouse upgrades as well, but has yet to reveal any specs. To top it all off, you can expect to see a limited slip-differential and race-specific drive shafts in the GT4, too.

What Does This Mean for Racing?

GT4 class cars are popular in motorsport circles and private race teams because of their low cost, as well as the ease of entry they guarantee – GT4 cars have eligibility to compete in a large number of races across the world such as:

  • The European GT4 series
  • VLN Endurance Challenge (Europe)
  • Michelin Pilot Challenge Series (United States)
  • Super Taikyu Series (Japan)

Though the Supra GT4 is still in production, there are some of versions of it already competing in races like the NASCAR Xfinity series, and some will be competing in the upcoming 2020 Super GT Series in Japan.

Racing Within Reach

A lot of people have been waiting a long time for the Supra GT4 to hit production and that wait is almost over. Race fanatics gearing up for the 2020 motorsports season have got a lot to be excited about. While we’ve covered the basics in this article, there’s still a lot more to learn about this car that Toyota hasn’t gone into great detail yet. We fully plan on keeping you up to date with everything there is to know about the GT4, but if you can’t wait, just call or pay us a visit at Westbury Toyota and we’ll be more than happy to share everything we’ve got on the upcoming 2020 Supra GT4.

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