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2022 teal Prius Prime for sale on Long Island, NY.

Bringing You Up to Speed on the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime

Posted at Fri, Dec 24, 2021 9:00 AM

How exactly can you improve on a car that already holds the title as the world’s best-selling hybrid? Toyota has decided to answer that question with the creation of the Prius Prime. In addition to Toyota’s trademark reliability and value, the 2022 Prius Prime also has a few more additions and improvements that increase its legendary fuel efficiency, as well as enhance its comfort and convenience value. To let you learn a little bit more about the 2022 Prius Prime, we have written up a short overview of what you can expect from this next generation hybrid vehicle.

An Impressive Blend of Fuel and Electric

The Prius Prime, in keeping with the true intent behind the creation of hybrid and electric vehicles, is built to favor electric driving as much as it possibly can and this is easy to see when it is in its EV Auto Mode. However, in certain situations, such as driving up very steep inclines, peak efficiency can only be reached by switching over to the gasoline engine, which happens automatically in EV Auto Mode. Additionally, should the battery drain to a certain point when driving in EV Mode, the car will smoothly transition over to hybrid mode. Once it does, it then combines the output of both the electric motor and the gasoline engine through the continuously variable transmission; something that all other Prius models do as well.

Another huge benefit of the Prius Prime is that owners will not have to invest in an expensive setup for charging at home. Instead, the Prius Prime comes with a special cable that can plug directly into a regular household outlet (Toyota’s recommendation is a GFI 15A outlet). To fully recharge the battery this way will take less than five and a half hours, and when plugged into a 240v source that charging time can be reduced to right around two hours.

The Prius Prime is a plug-in hybrid, and one of its main advantages over that of an EV is that it can still be driven if not recharged. This means that even if you forget to plug it in or do not have time for a full charging session, as long as you have gas in the tank it is still entirely drivable in hybrid mode.

The fuel efficiency estimates of the 2022 Prius Prime are outstanding: Coming in at 55 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city, 53 mpg on the highway, and 54 mpg combined and with a full charge, the estimated MPGe is 133. Along with this incredible fuel efficiency, you can expect to find some considerable pep even while in EV mode. It is entirely possible to reach up to 84 miles per hour (mph) while only driving on battery power (with an estimation of up to 25 miles). The Prius Prime also has an incredible 640-mile driving range, with the addition of the 25 EV mile driving range, making it more than capable of handling a daily commute. What’s more, the Prius Prime comes equipped with special suspension tuning which gives it unparalleled balance and stability when cruising through curves and turns.

Sporting a Brand New Look

The Prius Prime has a distinct appearance which sets it apart from the rest of the Prius lineup. The Prime has exclusive bumpers, lighting systems, and front and rear fascias. The large acrylic grille gives it a more evocative EV appearance which is enhanced by the ultra-low profile LED headlights. Also exclusive to the Prius Prime is the “Dual Wave” rear window that adds to the car’s aerodynamics and a full LED rear lamp panel that follows the outline of the Dual Wave window and the spoiler. The LED rear lamp gives the Prius Prime a striking nighttime look that you will not find anywhere else.

The body of the Prius Prime is designed to aid in its low energy consumption. The automatic grille shutters reduce drag by closing when there is no need for airflow to the radiator, and the 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels have aerodynamic wheel covers that are painted two-tone.

A Unique Driving Combination

The 2022 Prius Prime really offers the best of both hybrid and EV driving and is perfect for day-to-day commutes, school runs, and weekends spent away from home. With three grades packed full of every comfort and convenience imaginable, there is a Prius Prime out there for everyone. For more information about the 2022 Prius Prime, be sure to contact us here at Westbury Toyota. We will be more than happy to fill you in.

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