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Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa Are Coming to the 2018 Toyota Camry and Sienna

Posted at Fri, May 24, 2019 9:00 AM

Recently Toyota announced its intention to implement a retrofit for two of its most popular 2018 vehicles, the Camry and the Sienna. In continuing to uphold their dedication to providing drivers with the most tech-oriented driving experience possible, the company is going to offer Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay connectivity to these two models. This connectivity was first offered in the 2019 Avalon, followed by the 2019 Corolla and Tacoma, and now Toyota has ensured that two of its most popular vehicles have that compatibility as well. For a more in-depth look at what Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa can offer drivers - as well as how to get your car retrofitted - take a look at our breakdown of this exciting development below.

Make Using Your Phone While Driving a Safer, Simpler Experience with Apple CarPlay

In essence, Apple CarPlay simplifies your iPhone usage when you're behind the wheel so that you’re able to drive much safer than you would otherwise. Everything you can normally do with your phone is still doable, but with CarPlay those options are controlled through your vehicle's main built-in display. All your phones features and functions are still available, meaning that you’re still able to do the following when driving:

  • Get directions
  • Get news and weather updates
  • Make calls
  • Send and receive texts
  • Listen to music

All you need to do to have access to all of this is just plug in your iPhone. From there, it’s all controlled by a simple touch of a button, swipe of a screen, or twist of a knob, letting you keep your eyes where they need to be: On the road. Siri voice control is also an option on cars with that capability, which means that you can activate her by pressing the appropriate button on the steering wheel to get her to activate. As Daniel Golson of Car and Driver explains, Apple CarPlay is fast becoming a must have, which makes the news that Toyota’s ready to retrofit some cars all the more exciting.

Get Unrivalled Assistance and Convenience with Alexa Auto

The integration of Alexa into vehicles likewise offers drivers some incredible contextual assistance. As she does when she’s in your home, Alexa can still answer or comply with a bevy of your questions or directives, except that now she can do it when you’re driving. She’ll be able to provide answers and narrow down the products you might be looking for based on your location at the time. As with Apple CarPlay, Alexa Auto allows you to control music, listen to audiobooks, place calls, get directions, and receive relevant road condition updates - and you can do this all with just your voice. Another bonus to Alexa Auto is that it allows you to control all of your smart home features even while you’re on the road, which is a convenience you’ll be hard pressed to find in any other car app.

How Do You Get the Retrofit?

If you’re currently driving a 2018 Sienna or Camry and you’re keen on having Alexa Auto or Apple CarPlay, getting the retrofit is a fairly easy and painless process. All you need to do, explains Andrew Krok of Road Show, is give your local dealership – in this case, your friends here at Westbury Toyota – a call and we will be happy to install the necessary software for Apple CarPlay or Alexa Auto in your vehicle.

Improve Your Time Spent Behind the Wheel

While Apple CarPlay and Alexa Auto are not necessities when it comes to driving, they are definitely a convenience that can change your overall driving experience for the better. Being able to control all these features with a simple touch of your finger or by the sound of your voice is definitely a game changer. If you’d like to learn more about this retrofit and all it offers, please don’t hesitate to pay us here at Westbury Toyota a visit. We’d be more than happy to share everything we know with you as we help you get your 2018 Sienna or Camry retrofitted with Alexa Auto or Apple CarPlay.

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