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Cracked windshield on a Toyota vehicle here on Long Island, NY.

What to Do If You Have a Crack in Your Toyota's Windshield

Posted at Fri, Apr 30, 2021 9:00 AM

An unfortunate part of owning and driving a car is that at any given point, your windshield could be damaged. Most of us have experienced a rock hurtling into our windshields while driving down the road, and have probably watched that crack expand and worsen over time. Given how important the windshield is as a safety device, it is paramount that it is kept in prime condition. Any cracks on its surface compromise not only the safety, but your field of vision when you are behind the wheel. If your Toyota has recently acquired a crack in the windshield, be sure not to ignore it! Instead, simply follow this quick guide our Westbury Toyota staff has put together.

The Importance of Getting Chips and Cracks Fixed Quickly

Even the smallest of chips on your windshield should be attended to as soon as possible. If you wait, it is very likely that the chip will begin to spread. What’s more, grime and dirt buildup that accumulates from travel can make it harder to smoothly and effectively repair the damage. Once a chip grows into a complete crack, it is too late to get it repaired – instead, the entire windshield will need to be replaced due to these reasons:

  • Aesthetics – A windshield with a massive crack running across does not look very appealing, and if you are planning on selling your vehicle soon it will definitely be a detrimental feature.
  • Distraction – A windshield full of cracks can be quite distracting when you are driving, as they can reflect light into your eyes. What is more, in some states you can even be ticketed for having a windshield that is cracked.
  • Dangerous – The structural integrity of your car depends on a whole and undamaged windshield. A cracked windshield is more likely to cause the roof to cave in in the event of a rollover.

As you can see, letting a chip become a crack is problematic for more than one reason, so if your Toyota receives one, you should get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Methods of Stopping Windshield Chips and Cracks

While the best option to get your windshield fixed is to bring it into professionals like those here at Westbury Toyota, there are a couple of stop gap measures you can take if you are unable to do so immediately:

  • DIY Kit – Your local hardware likely carries a windshield repair kit. This is a DIY fix, so be aware that you will have to drill a hole in the windshield using a drill, and then apply the resin from the repair kit in order to seal the crack. If you do this correctly, there may be no need for further action.
  • Avoid Extremes Temperature Changes – The way glass expands and contracts in hot and cold weather can lead to a worsening of windshield chips and cracks. The best way to combat this is to park in the shade or indoors on very hot days and refrain from using the defrost function until the chip is fixed.
  • Get It Professionally Fixed – Getting a rock chip fixed by a professional is cheap, quick, and easy, so there is no reason not to have it addressed immediately. The sooner you do, the less chance that it will spread and become an even costlier problem.

Immediate Attention Required

An unattended rock chip can spread into a crack before you even realize it, and once a crack becomes longer than three inches it will become impossible to repair. Instead of having to pay for a full windshield replacement, take the time out of your day to book your Toyota in with us at Westbury Toyota. We will have the problem remedied correctly and will have you back out on the road driving in no time.

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