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Jump-starting a battery on Long Island, NY.

How to Quickly and Safely Jump Start Your Toyota

Posted at Fri, Mar 25, 2022 9:00 AM

A dead battery is a common inconvenience and one that can set you back a bit if you are not prepared. However, if you know just what to do when you hear that unfortunate clicking noise that signals a drained battery, you can be back on your way in no time! If you are not familiar with the method of quick and safe jumpstarting, our experts here at Westbury Toyota have put together a short and quick guide that is sure to help you out.

Step One – Park the Other Vehicle as Close to Yours as Safely Possible

In order to get a boost from another vehicle, it will need to be fairly close to your Toyota. This is typically accomplished by parking the vehicles nose to nose, but can also be done parked side by side, provided the booster cables are long enough. Once you have the vehicles positioned correctly, be sure to turn off the engine in the vehicle that has the good battery. Open and raise the hoods of both vehicles and locate the positions of the batteries.

Step Two – Find the Terminals on Both Batteries

To find the positive and negative battery terminals on each battery, you will need to look for the positive (“+”) and negative (“-”) signs. As Rich Ceppo of Car and Driver explains, the positive terminal is typically covered by a plastic cap. Also, important to note is the fact that the wire running from the positive terminal is red and the wire connected to the negative terminal will be black. To make it easier on the user, jumper cable clamps are color coded in the same as well so that you know which clamp goes where once you are ready to start.

Step Three – Connect the Cables to the Proper Terminals

Before you begin, make certain the jumper cable clamps are not in contact with each other. Start by leaving one end of the cables and clamps on the ground (and make sure the clamps are not touching) while you hold the other end. This is the end you will be connecting to the dead battery. Take the red clamp and attach it to the positive terminal on the dead battery. While doing this, be very sure not to let the black clamp touch metal or the red clamp. After the red clamp is firmly affixed to the positive terminal, set the black clamp down on a plastic area under the hood. It is important to make sure the connection between the red clamp and positive terminal is firm, otherwise you may not get enough power to jump the battery.

Now it is time to take the red clamp at the other end of the jumper cables and attach it to the good battery’s positive terminal. Once that is done, you will take the black clamp on that end and attach it to the good battery’s negative terminal. Once again, make certain not to let the clamps touch while you are doing this.

The final part of this step is to locate a piece of metal under your vehicle’s hood where you can attach the black clamp. Look for something like a bolt head and put the black clamp on it. It is very important that you do not attach this black clamp to the dead battery, as it could result in sparking and possibly start a fire.

Step Four – Start Your Car’s Engine

It is now time to start the vehicle with the good battery. Let it run idle for a few minutes in order to generate a small charge in the car with the dead battery. After that, try to start your vehicle. If it does not start, let the other vehicle idle for another ten minutes and then try again. If it still does not start, your battery is most likely completely dead and will not be able to be jump started. If that is the case, it is time to buy a new battery for your Toyota.

Step 5 – Safely Disconnect the Cables

If your Toyota starts up, be sure to leave it running while you disconnect the battery cables, do so by taking the negative clamp off of the bare metal first, and then remove the red clamp from your battery. Once again, do not let the clamps touch! Place them on the ground carefully and then remove the red clamp from the good battery and then the black clamp. That is it – you have successfully jump-started your vehicle!

A Quick and Safe Fix

If all steps in the procedure are followed correctly, then you should be able to jump your battery safely. If you are concerned about having a second vehicle available to secure a jump from, do not worry – there are portable jump start boxes you can buy that allow you to jump your vehicle without needing another vehicle.

If the battery on your Toyota shows signs of needing replacing, be sure to contact here at Westbury Toyota so we can get you set up with a new one!

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