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Making a Difference: Four Long Island Charities That Deserve Your Attention

Posted at Fri, Mar 9, 2018 11:15 AM

Community is paramount no matter where you live, and that’s something that the staff here at Westbury Toyota firmly believes in. To that end, we always make an effort to support local charities that provide important aid and/or services to the members of the community that need it most. Regardless of whether it’s providing assistance for our veterans or aiding abandoned or abused animals in need, we feel that every Long Island charity deserves recognition.

In order to try and raise awareness for some of these vital organizations, we’ve put together a list of four Long Island charities that are not only integral to supporting our various local communities, but could also use your support at any level. With this in mind, please join the Westbury Toyota team as we shine a spotlight on some of Long Island's most impactful and community-oriented charitable organizations.

Share the Voice

Founded in 2013, this charity focuses on using recreation to both provide disabled children with occasions to be physically active and to ensure positive experiences. In doing so, the charity’s goal is to help these children gain an increase in self-confidence and improve on social skills.

In order to achieve this admirable task, Share the Voice aims to give adaptive tricycles to children with disabilities and in doing so, provide them with recreational outlets they may not have otherwise had. By providing children with these tools, Share the Voice is not only improving individual lives, but is also enhancing the lives of families as a whole as well via a new shared outlet for physical activity and quality family time spent together.

Island Harvest

Island Harvest is a charity that focuses on combating poverty and giving a voice to people who need to be heard. It’s the biggest hunger relief organization on Long Island, which is pretty amazing when you consider that it relies entirely on donated food and manpower provided by volunteers. Additionally, the fact that Island Harvest ensures that 95 cents of every dollar the organization make goes to its own programs is a major reassurance for those charitable individuals who worry about corporate expenses and other factors that can diminish the effectiveness of a monetary donation.

If you are interested in donating or lending a hand to this charity, they have a number of upcoming events including:

    • Home Run to End Hunger - May 15, 2018
    • Virtual Food Drive (ongoing)
    • BROWN BAG IT Fight Hunger (ongoing)

No matter which event or drive you decide to support, there is no denying that the help you provide to Island Harvest will most certainly bring about a positive change in the life of a person who truly needs a helping hand at this time.

The Fresh Air Fund

In an effort to enrich the lives of children across Long Island, The Fresh Air Fund provides summer activities, academic programs, and camps for underprivileged kids. Going a step further, this charity also gives children a chance to be placed with host families in the northeastern United States and parts of Canada.

“In 1877, The Fresh Air Fund, an independent not-for-profit organization, was created with one simple mission – to allow children living in low-income communities to enjoy free summer experiences in the country.”
- Mission statement, The Fresh Air Fund

By leveraging both of these approaches, The Fresh Air Fund not only helps children learn skills that they can integrate into their lives, it also serves as a fun way to interact with other children and acquire a unique understanding regarding the location and environment of their host families. These experiences can help to broaden their horizons, increase their confidence, and have an overall positive impact on their lives.

L.I. Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a terrible and unfortunate thing, and this charity exists to help people escape from any situation where domestic violence is a factor. L.I. Against Domestic Violence (LIADV) offers numerous different services that not only help victims of domestic violence escape their abusers, but also helps them rebuild their lives in the aftermath. They provide those in need with support and shelter and work closely in conjunction with law enforcement services here on Long Island in order to prevent further abuse.

You Can Make a Difference

In the face of so much adversity and strife, it might seem like one person alone can’t do anything. However, the fact of the matter is that one person making a decision to contribute can make all the difference in the world for a man, woman, or child in need of a helping hand.

Sometimes people shy away from charities because they can’t afford to donate, but donations aren’t the only way you can help. Many charities run only on merit of volunteering, so don’t be afraid to step up as a volunteer to your charity of choice! By taking this path and supporting one of these outstanding local organizations Westbury Toyota has showcased today, you can make a positive impact on a fellow Long Island resident and help prove once again that the men and women who make up the various communities on Long Island truly embody a caring, generous, and compassionate community.

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