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Road trip on Long Island, NY, roads.

Five Tips to Get Your Toyota Summer Road Trip Ready

Posted at Fri, Jun 11, 2021 9:00 AM

One of the best ways to enjoy summer is to take a road trip to take in whatever summer festivals, fairs, and sights you come across. Whether you are simply exploring all Long Island has to offer or whether you plan on heading outside of state lines, one thing is certain: Before you set out, you need to make sure your car is road trip ready. To help you out, our knowledgeable Westbury Toyota staff has put together a quick list of tips to follow to make sure your Toyota is as ready to go on an adventure as you are.

Check the Fluid Levels

There are six fluids that are integral to your car functioning the way it should: Radiator, oil, power steering, brake, transmission, and windshield. If any of these are low (or leaking), it can lead to issues that vary in severity and costliness. Before you decide to head out on your summer journey, always check to be sure that these fluids are changed (as per the manual’s recommendation) and topped up. You can easily have this done by bringing your Toyota in for scheduled maintenance, where technicians will also check your vehicle over for any other potential issues.

Make Sure General Maintenance Is Up to Date

If you have been bringing your vehicle in for recommended maintenance, it is probably ready to go. On the other hand, if it has been a while since it has been in the shop, you should be sure to book it in before you set out. General maintenance includes making sure the following are in good shape:

  • Air Filters: These prevent outside pollutants from entering the interior of the car and the engine. As Alex Leanse of Popular Mechanics points out a clogged air filter can impact fuel economy and engine performance, so it is important the one in your car is replaced if it needs to be before you set out on a road trip.
  • Brake Pads: Because these are what help your car to slow and stop, they are obviously crucial. If they need replacing, be sure to have it done before you leave on a trip.
  • Headlight, Taillight, Brake Light and Turning Signal Light Bulbs: To cut down on any chance of being pulled over while you are on your road trip, you need to make certain that all of your Toyota’s lights are working as they should be.

If all of these are in good working order, you are ready to set out!

Check Your Tires for Deflation and Wear

Driving a long distance on tires that are worn or have the improper amount of pressure is not a good idea. In the days/weeks before your road trip, check your tires for signs of uneven tread wear. If you find it, this is an indication that your tires should either be replaced (if the wear is very bad) or rotated. You will also want to make sure that the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure, and that there are no slow leaks. Also be sure to check that your spare tire is in good condition so that if the worst-case scenario happens, you are prepared.

Clean the Interior Thoroughly

You will probably need plenty of cargo and passenger room for your road trip, so be sure to clean out your car before your trip. Get rid of any garbage or other items that are unsecured, and then wipe down the dash and seats with your cleaning product of choice. Cleaning the floor mats will also make the interior look nicer and also ensure that excess dirt is not being spread throughout the car. Replace your air freshener with the scent of your choice so everything smells nice when the time to depart arrives.

Put Together an Emergency Travel Kit

Every car should have an emergency kit, and this is doubly true if you are travelling long distance. An emergency kit should have food that won’t spoil (such as granola bars), plastic bottles of water, extra clothing and footwear, a wind-up flashlight, jumper cables, tow rope, candle and matches, and roadmaps. Feel free to add anything else you feel you might need. Store the kit in your trunk or in the back, but make sure it is easily accessible should you ever need it.

Head Out on Your Adventure

If you have followed all these tips, you are now ready to head out on your summer road trip! While there is no way to avoid all potential problems, preparing your Toyota for a long trip can drastically lessen the possibility of them occurring. Now you can get behind the wheel and take the time to enjoy yourself without any unnecessary worries.

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