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Toyota Collision Assistance in action on Long Island, NY.

Everything You Need to Know About Toyota’s New Mobile Collision Assistance Service

Posted at Fri, Aug 27, 2021 9:00 AM

In the aftermath of a vehicular collision, there is a lot going on that needs to be processed. Aside from the possibilities of injury, there is also the matter of any damage your Toyota might have sustained. To try and make the post-collision chaos a bit easier for you, Toyota has developed a new assistance service that can be used in the moments after an accident. To explore the finer details of this app, our Westbury Toyota staff has written up a comprehensive overview for our friends here on Long Island.

Immediate Assistance Available

Collision Assistance is a just-in-time support service that was developed by Toyota working in tandem with CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc (CCC). The mobile technology provided by CCC provides a combination of access to claims and management services and guided accident documentation. Together, these assist drivers in the event of a collision by letting the driver choose how they would prefer to handle the processes of claim and repair, making the experience far more convenient than it typically tends to be.

Collision Assistance is another step forward in Toyota’s commitment to ensuring the safety of all its customers. The immediate aftermath of an accident is a critical period of time and can often be confusing for both drivers and passengers alike. Knowing what needs to be done can sometimes be hard to figure out, which is where Collision Assistance comes in. Through the app, Toyota is able to offer instantaneous help when it is needed the most.

Collision Assistance is a feature in the Toyota and Lexus Owners Apps. It is also a part of Toyota’s Safety Connect suite, which is available to all Toyota and Lexus owners who have an active subscription (or are still within the trial period that was available for certain Lexus or Toyota vehicles that are 2018 models or newer)

How Does It Work?

In the event of a collision, the driver will activate the Collision Assistance app and will be required to verify that they have not sustained injury. Once that is done, the app will provide simple to follow steps to help the driver collect crucial accident documentation. One very useful feature is that the app will pre-populate the vehicle information into the report so that the driver does not have to. The driver will then be connected to a system of auto insurers so that they can make a claim submission directly to their insurance company if they so choose. The app will also help drivers find a suitable local place to have repair work done within a default radius of 25 miles from the location of the accident and will feature both Toyota certified shops and non-certified shops. The app will give the driver a prompt for every step, removing the hassle and stress from the entire process.

Be Sure You Are Connected

Something this useful is a must-have for any Toyota or Lexus driver, so having an active subscription is important. Nobody wants to experience a collision, but there is no predicting accidents. Having the Collision Assistance service available to you can be the difference between timely and professional repairs as opposed to lingering, expensive damage. The app will take all the guesswork and uncertainty away from the post-accident situation and guide you through what needs to be done, ensuring that you can rest easy when all is said and done.

Take Advantage of Innovation

It has long been obvious how much Toyota prioritizes safety and convenience, and the implementation of the Collision Assistance app is just another indication of this. You can never predict when something will go wrong when driving and because of that, it only makes sense to be as prepared as possible.

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