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Toyota Emerges as the Leading Name in the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Posted at Fri, Dec 29, 2017 10:00 AM

It’s becoming more and more apparent how crucial it is for the automotive industry to go green, emphasized in large part by the fact that environmental regulations are becoming more and more strict. Toyota has made a concentrated effort to be progressive and stay ahead of its competitors in this area, taking a huge leap forward by focusing on the introduction of electric cars in countries that are committed to reducing the use of gas-powered vehicles and increasing the number of electric/hybrid vehicles on their roads.

At Westbury Toyota, we fully support the initiative to reduce the negative impact that vehicles have on the environment, and that’s why we’re excited to see just how Toyota will implement their electric and hybrid vehicles in foreign markets that are focused on environmental improvement. It heralds a new and exciting direction in automotive manufacturing and, perhaps more importantly, a direction that has the distinct promise of being able to promote positive change.

A Push for Green in China

Earlier this year, China announced new sales targets in an effort to increase the amount of electric and hybrid vehicles, with the ultimate goal of having two million such offerings on its roads by 2019. This has produced a shift in the efforts of automotive manufacturers around the world, with many investing in their Chinese partners in order to fund new advances in energy efficient vehicles.

Toyota aims to introduce its electric vehicles (EVs) into China by 2020, and this decision heralds the manufacturer’s first return to battery powered vehicles since ceasing the production of the RAV4 EV back in 2014. Toyota is also currently working on creating a plug-in hybrid versions of the Corolla for introduction into China. In addition, as Steve Dent of Engadget reports, Toyota also plans to examine the viability of using hydrogen fuel cells for public and commercial vehicles such as vans and buses.

India’s Electric Goal

Much like China, India has made the push into green vehicle standards, culminating in an ambitious goal to ban all sales of gas-powered vehicles by 2030. As reported by the editorial team over at The Hindu, India plans to reject hybrid vehicles because they are an “intermediate” technology and thus are not feasible when considering the country’s ultimate goal.

“The agreement with Suzuki has Toyota providing technical support while Suzuki produces the vehicles and supplies some to its bigger peer in India.”
– Editorial Staff, Bloomberg Technology

In keeping with the plans that India has set forth, Toyota has teamed up with fellow automotive manufacturer Suzuki in order to expedite the process of introducing EVs into India. The duo also has plans to work on popularizing the concept of EVs in India, explains the staff from Bloomberg Technology – which is a smart choice when you consider that the EV market is projected to become the third largest car market in the world by 2020.

The Larger Picture

The initiative set forth by both China and India are ones that the rest of the world will most certainly take note of in the coming years. The push for people to stop relying on gas- or diesel-powered vehicles and instead switch to hybrid or EVs is a bold one, but also the one that makes the most sense in regard to sustainability and the condition of the environment. Toyota recognizes how vital a switch to a green vehicle market is and to that end has committed itself to meeting – and exceeding, by virtue of being an automotive trailblazer – the goals set forth by both the Indian and Chinese governments in order to introduce greater numbers of EVs into those markets.

We here at Westbury Toyota are proud of Toyota’s commitment to doing right by the environment, focusing more on green vehicle concepts, and paving the way for the rest of the industry via progressive practices. The harmful effects of vehicle emissions on the environment can no longer be denied and it makes plenty of sense now that the automotive world's focus rests solely on solutions to this problem. Toyota is doing just that, and their path to conceptualizing vehicles of the future is a path that we are all too happy to follow, too.

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