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Toyota Hybrids Earn Top Honors on Autotrader's Best New Automotive Technology of 2021 List

Posted at Fri, Dec 25, 2020 9:00 AM

Every year the automotive industry sees significant advancements in technology, which results in exciting developments for automobile enthusiasts. There are always improvements in performance, comfort, and convenience; all things that can make driving an even better experience for everyone. To better help consumers sort through all the technology breakthroughs scattered throughout new car development, every year Autotrader writes up a list of the Best New Automotive Technology. We here at Westbury Toyota are happy to announce that for their 2021 list, Toyota takes some of the top honors in regard to eco-friendly developments. We are going to shine a light on just why Toyota took one of the top spots, as well as why these premium eco-friendly automobiles deserve to stand above the rest of the automotive crowd.

Understanding Autotrader’s Criteria

Brian Moody, the executive editor at Autotrader, explains it best: "Technology is really what's driving new cars today. From the seemingly simple Apple CarPlay to the sophisticated augmented reality and adaptive cruise systems, technology is no longer an option. Today, it's a real and tangible way automakers can set themselves apart in a crowded field. If you pay close attention, you can start to see the personal automobile of the future take shape. This year's top advancements in auto tech encapsulate the unique needs we have seen consumers express this year, including a higher standard for entertainment, safety, and environmentalism."

Over the years, Toyota has proven a multitude of times that technological advancements are at the forefront of both their research and their drive. They have made serious effort in these areas not only with environmental pollution and conservation in mind, but also in working toward solutions for those who suffer from mobility issues. Their commitment to furthering technology is helping to build a roadmap of vehicles that, in the future, will become far more adaptable and outfitted to our individual needs and preferences while at the same time leaving considerably less impact on the environment.

Hydrogen Powered Cars

Hydrogen fuel cell cars have been a point of discussion for a long while, with the actual concept dating back nearly a century. We have reached a turning point in automobile history, however, as there are now hydrogen powered vehicles out on the road, and the market for these cars is growing steadily. The Toyota Mirai, which receives a large update for 2021, made Autotrader’s list due not only to its fuel efficiency, but its appearance.

Its sleek, streamlined exterior is something you would more expect to see on a performance vehicle. The simple elegance it boasts belies just how efficient this car can be – it has three hydrogen tanks that are carbon-fiber reinforced, which send gas into the fuel cells under the hood. There, the fuel is mixed with oxygen, and the product is enough electricity to power the synchronous electric motor and the 1.24 kilowatt hour (kW-h) lithium-ion battery. The end result? A considerable maximum output of 182 horsepower (hp) and 221 pound-feet (lb-ft) of torque.

Hybrid Advancement

Toyota’s role in shining a light on hybrid vehicles and making them popular for the masses is what earned them this top honor with Autotader. Hybrid vehicles have become so popular that now, some vehicles are only available in hybrid form and of particular note in that regard are that both the 2021 Toyota Venza and the 2021 Toyota Sienna are hybrid only. Both of these vehicles offer the impressive fuel efficiency you would expect to find in a Toyota hybrid, as well as all the bells, whistles, and comfort that the automaker is known for.

Good Reason for Recognition

Autotrader’s list of Best New Automotive Technology is a guide to help drivers find the vehicles best suited to their needs and preferences. The fact that Toyota has made the list is indicative that the automaker is able to intuit what consumers seek most in vehicles, as well as what will be most sought after in the years to come. We are firm believers that their passion for pushing the boundaries of technology will earn them another spot on Autotrader’s list in the future.

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