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Toyota (Once Again) Crushes the Consumer Reports Reliability Survey

Posted at Fri, Nov 10, 2017 2:30 PM

With any automobile manufacturer, the top priority should always be creating vehicles that drivers can rely on. Nobody wants to buy a car only to find out that it breaks down constantly. That kind of situation is not only unfair to the buyer, but reflects very poorly on the manufacturer. Because we use our cars so much, it’s imperative that we drive something we can count on to last us for years as we make our way around Westbury and Long Island.

Reliability is something that we at Westbury Toyota take very seriously. It’s not only our job to connect drivers with the vehicles they want, it’s also our job to make sure that those vehicles are completely dependable. A car’s reliability isn’t just vital right out of the gate, it’s also crucial in the long run because it can affect your car’s resale value. Complete dependability is why we’re so satisfied with results of Consumer Reports' 2017 auto reliability survey, in which Toyota placed first from among 26 other auto manufacturers. It’s always been Toyota’s priority to put the best foot forward in all aspects of the manufacturing business in order to make sure that we do right by the customer. When we say you can trust our vehicles and our service we mean it, and we’ve got the data to back up our claim.

What the Survey Entails

The car reliability data compiled by Consumer Reports includes information on a whopping 640,000 vehicles in different areas of criteria. When it comes to new car reliability, the most common problem areas in vehicles were examined, including both major and minor issues like troublesome four-wheel drive systems and noisy brakes. The results found that of the 10 most reliable vehicles of 2017, four of them were Toyotas: The 86, the RAV4, the Prius V, and the Prius C. If that’s not an impressive showing, we’re not sure what is!

Of course, Toyota shined brightly in other areas of the survey, too. The Prius, the Corolla, the Camry, the Highlander, and the RAV4 were all listed under “Best Used Cars by Price.” In the category of owner satisfaction, Toyota claimed first place as the "Best Value Subcompact Car" with its Prius C offering. When considering the cost of car ownership over time, Toyota placed in the top five, which means that it’s not only a reliable choice for a new vehicle, but also an extremely affordable choice in the long run when it comes to the cost of ongoing maintenance and future repairs.

"Toyota led the way with a predicted new-car reliability score of 80 on a 100-point scale, with Toyota's luxury brand Lexus right behind at 77.”
- Jack Walsworth, Automotive News

The results of this year’s survey aren’t too surprising to us, because, as Jack Walsworth of Automotive News explains, last year Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, placed first and Toyota itself placed second overall. The fact that the results of the 2017 survey are so similar to the 2016 survey means that Toyota is still focusing on making customer satisfaction a priority – and easily lapping the competition along the way.

Why Is Toyota so Far Ahead?

Toyota hasn’t just accidentally stumbled its way into becoming the most reliable auto manufacturer on the planet; this is an achievement brought on by a business ethic that focuses on creating vehicles that are safer and more dependable than any other, as well as a dedication to customer service that goes above and beyond anything found within the rest of the industry. This commitment to excellence also translates beyond dominating customer satisifcaton surveys and directly into bettering both our local and global communities. Specifically, Toyota has led the way with some truly out-of-the-box progressive action, including innovations such as a between-the-seats coin-catcher patent and helping pediatric hospitals eradicate the spread of a specific blood infection. Forward-thinking action and development is what paves the way to safer, more reliable vehicles, and it’s this unyielding commitment to progress that has gotten Toyota to where it is now.

Ever Upwards

We here at Westbury Toyota aren’t surprised that Toyota is the most reliable automaker of 2017.What’s more, we fully expect to see more accolades come this brand's way as it continues to manufacture the most dependable cars on the roads of Westbury and Long Island. Toyota’s dedication to customer satisfaction doesn’t end with vehicles. It extends through us, to make sure that all of our customers are completely happy with our sales and service. The results of Consumer Reports' reliability survey speaks for itself, so why not remove the uncertainty and guesswork from buying a new car by driving home in a dependable, reliable, and industry-leading Toyota today?

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