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Toyota Gets Ready to Debut Three Exciting New Electrified Vehicles in the U.S.

Posted at Fri, Feb 19, 2021 9:00 AM

Toyota continues to forge ahead in the area of vehicle electrification and has made an exciting statement to that end: Later on this year, the automaker will be debuting three new electrified vehicles in the United States. Toyota already stands as a leader in alternative powertrain automobiles, with over a 40 percent share of that alternative fuel market in total. By 2025, Toyota aims to have 40 percent of all new vehicle sales be that of electrified models, and by 2030 that goal moves up to 70 percent. Toyota’s commitment to green energy alternatives never fails to be both inspiring and fascinating, so we here at Westbury Toyota have written up a quick overview of the three new electrified vehicles that will be released later on this year, as well as a look at the benefits and impacts these electric models will have.

Three More Electric Vehicles Added to the Lineup

While there are no specific details on which models will be getting the electrified additions, we do know that there will be two battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and one plug-in hybrid (PHEV). For those unfamiliar with the finer details of these two types of electric vehicles, we have broken it down in the points below:

BEVs – These are fully-electric vehicles that have no gasoline engine but do have rechargeable batteries. Electricity is stored onboard within high-capacity battery packs, and it is used to run both the motor and all the electronics. Recharging is done through an external power source. There are three different EV chargers and they are classified according to how quickly they recharge the BEV batteries. Level 1 charging makes use of a standard (120 volt) outlet and can take up to and over eight hours to restore enough charge for 75-80 miles of distance. Level 2 chargers require a specialized station, typically found at public charging stations or at workplaces, and they are 240v. It takes around four hours for these to recharge a battery enough to gain 75-80 miles of distance. Level 3 chargers, also known as DC fast charging, is the fastest possible method of charging currently available. DC fast chargers are usually found at EV charging stations and can recharge a battery to 75-80 miles of distance within 30 minutes.

PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles are capable of recharging the battery through plugging in as well as regenerative braking. In comparison to other hybrid vehicles that can only go about one to two miles before the gasoline engine kicks in, PHEV vehicles are able to travel anywhere between 10 to 40 miles before the gasoline engines turn on. Even though they do have a gasoline engine, by plugging in the car every night drivers will experience a large improvement in fuel economy and may not have to refuel for weeks at a time.

As you can see, the addition of more of these types of EVs to Toyota’s lineup later this year is good news for eco-conscious drivers and for the environment. There’s more good news, as well: Toyota is currently in the process of creating a dedicated platform for BEV development, e-TNGA, which would provide impressive variability for numerous drive configurations.

The Impacts in the Future

From a global standpoint, it is estimated that the amount of Toyota hybrid vehicles sold to date have prevented 139 million tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) from entering the atmosphere. In the U.S. alone, this number is approximately 38 million tons. These achievements have been brought about by Toyota’s enduring commitment to environmental solutions wherein the company works toward creating a positive impact on both society and the planet.

Moving forward, in the next four years most Toyota and Lexus models will come with an electrified option in what is a global endeavor, making it easier for drivers to limit their environmental impact while still being able to drive vehicles that offer everything they need.

A Better, Brighter Road Ahead

Toyota’s initiative to do its part in making the world a greener, cleaner place has always been admirable, but now that its vision is becoming a reality, there is so much to appreciate. The addition of the three new EVs to its lineup later this year is another step forward in the right direction, and we here at Westbury Toyota eagerly await further developments in Toyota’s EV technology.

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