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Digging Deeper into Toyota’s Big Plan to Ditch the "Boring" Label

Posted at Fri, Nov 17, 2017 9:00 AM

The automobile industry is all about innovation. It’s not enough anymore just to produce the same old car that people have been seeing for the last ten years, which is something that Toyota has learned is a vital piece of information to keep in mind every time they begin designing a new vehicle or model update. The way forward is through creativity and outside-the-box thinking, and that’s the path that the chief executive officer (CEO) of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, has decided to take to heart in his effort to put an end to the production of “boring” cars.

For obvious reasons, we here at Westbury Toyota are more than a little excited to talk about this big change and to take a look at what kind of vehicles we’ll be seeing in the future from Toyota - not only because it marks a new phase in vehicle design and development, but also because it means that our Long Island customers will benefit from this kind of creativity as well. If you are just as excited as we are, keep reading - we’ll explain everything you need to know about how Toyota plans to leave the “boring” label behind for good.

The Future Is Now

To kick the conversation off right, it's important to understand that Toyota’s plan to start making cars that are different and more exciting has already started. As Christian Wardlaw of New York Daily News explains, this is already evident with the 2018 redesign of the popular Camry. A longer wheelbase, as well as a silhouette of sharp, sleek lines and available options like a spoiler and a mesh grille, make this car look so sporty that it’s hard to reconcile with older Camry models. The interior’s been redesigned as well, giving it a far more upscale feel than what it previously had. Wrap it all up with some serious tech innovations meant to keep you and your passengers entertained and informed, and the new Camry can certainly be called anything but boring.

“The 2018 Toyota Camry is more dramatically and expressively styled than the car it replaces.”
- Christian Wardlaw, New York Daily News

The newest Camry is the first in a long line of creative shake-ups that Toyota is going to make with their vehicles and is proof that they can deliver what they’ve promised. It’s not just a smoke-in-wind promise made by the chief executive - it’s real, and it’s already happening. If this is what they can do with the Camry, what kind of great changes will we see with their other cars?

(Quick aside: If you're interested in learning even more about the 2018 Camry and how it is poised to shatter the status quo, go ahead and check out Westbury Toyota's handy comparison of the 2018 Camry and Honda's 2018 Accord.)

A New Direction

Going a step further, a wide array of other, even more dramatic, changes have already been revealed in Japan and are set to be released in North America in subsequent years. Some cars are benefitting from the “GR” treatment, which means they’ll be outfitted with performance parts from Gazoo Racing, ultimately creating their own sports car platform, as reported by James Gilboy of The Drive. Included in the GR production is the already impressive 86, as well as a plug-in Prius Sport. By making more vehicles appeal to the enthusiast crowd, Toyota is showing their dedication to catering to those who expect a little more adrenaline-pumping excitement from their vehicle.

To put it all in plain terms, It’s common knowledge that Toyota makes the most reliable cars out there, but the time has come to prove that reliability and can definitely go hand in hand with excitement, speed, and style.

“Boring” is Already on the Way Out

Toyota has also already begun to experiment in redesigning vehicles with new and unique concepts in mind. This is something that Chris Tsui (also of The Drive) touches on, explaining that the 86 and the Lexus LFA are clearly leaps forward in innovation and automotive engineering. Change of this magnitude isn’t something that happens overnight, but Toyota has proven their commitment to the cause by gradually implementing their vision for future vehicles.

The establishment of an internal company division - the Toyota Research Institute - to focus on futuristic technological developments is one of the biggest ways in which the company is preparing for what is going to be some substantial changes in the way in which it approaches the automobile manufacturing industry.

“The Lexus LFA … is universally lauded and one of the coolest pieces of modern automotive engineering.”
- Chris Tsui, The Drive

Awareness of What’s Wanted

Toyota has displayed an awareness of what drivers want instead of just what drivers need, and that’s rare to see among car manufacturers. This doesn’t mean that Toyota is going to leave behind their trademark for creating vehicles that are both reliable and affordable. What it does mean is that in addition to providing those trademark ownership experiences, moving forward the company will also have new elements of excitement and intrigue attached to its offerings as a way to continue to push the boundaries of the automotive world and raise the bar for the rest of the marketplace.

We don’t know about you, but those of us here at Westbury Toyota can hardly wait to see what the future holds for Toyota now that it has firmly set the wheels in motion of ditching the "boring" label. Positive change is always something to look forward to, and we can’t wait to share even more news regarding this paradigm shift within Toyota as we receive it with our friends here in Westbury and the rest of Long Island.

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