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The Ultimate Guide to the Entune 3.0 Infotainment System

Posted at Fri, Mar 2, 2018 9:30 AM

Given the way that automobile development keeps advancing at such a rapid rate, it only makes sense that the infotainment systems that accompany these new vehicles keeps evolving at a breakneck rate too. Toyota was one of the first automakers to develop an infotainment system based on smartphones, and they’ve improved on that popular tech with the creation of the Entune 3.0 multimedia system. Currently available in all 2018 Toyota Camry trim levels, Entune 3.0 will be rolled out in all Toyota models later this year, giving you the opportunity to experience innovation and cutting-edge amenities no matter what kind of Toyota vehicle you’re driving.

Entune 3.0 is already user-friendly, but if you really want to experience it the way it was meant to be experienced, you’ll need a little extra insight and information to help you out on this front. We here at Westbury Toyota want you to be able to enjoy the newest Entune system as much as we do, and that’s why we put together this easy-to-follow guide to help you get the most out of your Toyota’s infotainment features. Keep reading to learn just what Entune can do for you and how to personalize it so that it perfectly suits your needs.

Safety, Security, and Service

With Entune 3.0, Toyota has managed to strike the perfect balance between the dreaded fatigue of too many features and the lackluster feeling of not having enough. Listed in detail on the official Entune website, these features span navigation, entertainment, and vital vehicle information, so it is definitely a good idea to brush up on these offerings as a way to acquaint yourself with the options laid out by Toyota for you.

For instance, Entune 3.0 also offers up a pretty useful safety and security feature that’s worth checking out. In the event that your car is stolen or you’re in an accident, Safety Connect will direct assistance directly to your vehicle’s GPS location, minimizing reaction time in an emergency.

One of Entune’s other newest cloud-based features is Service Connect, which not only keeps you up to date on your Toyota’s maintenance needs, but also lets you schedule service appointments when you need to via a mobile app (or by email, if you prefer). It also shows you other information like fuel mileage and how much fuel you have remaining, removing the guesswork from the process and letting you drive with all the relevant knowledge you need.

Superior Access and Connectivity

Like previous versions, Entune 3.0 still lets you connect with your smartphone as a way to let you stream music and use apps such as Pandora, Yelp, NPR One, and iHeartRadio. You’ll also have access to a number of different additional features, including:

  • Sirius XM
  • The Weather/Traffic Suite
  • Siri Eyes Free
  • Dynamic or advanced voice recognition
  • A completely customizable home screen

The big key here is that by making you aware of this expansive amount of mobile-oriented app connectivity, you can take a few minutes before your next morning commute to truly customize your time spent on the streets of Long Island – and ensure that you get the most out of the Entune feature suite. Additionally, some features, like Remote Connect and Dynamic Navigation, are available only with the Entune 3.0 Premium Audio System, so it might be worthwhile to consider upgrading!

Improved GPS Capability

As Doug Newcomb of PC Magazine explains, Entune 3.0’s Scout GPS Link is a new and improved version of what was offered in the past. A major upgrade on this front comes from the fact that Scout is a smartphone-based system, which means that you’ll have to download the app to a compatible smartphone and then pair it with Entune 3.0.

However, once you’ve got that done, you’ll have access to everything Scout has to offer, like by-the-turn navigation and the ability to do local searches, both of which are accompanied by helpful moving maps. Scout Link is updated routinely by the system’s implanted modem and gives you 2 gigabytes (GB) of free data during the first six months, so feel free to go wild and truly put this crucial piece of the Entune 3.0 puzzle through its paces as you explore every nook and cranny of Westbury and Long Island.

Everything You Need and More

With the Entune 3.0 Infotainment system, Toyota has cut out all the useless junk that pervades other similar systems from other automakers and instead focused on giving drivers the features that they truly need and want. While it might look like a complex tool to set up and get comfortable with at first, the truth of the matter is that Entune 3.0 is actually rather intuitive and straightforward, thereby ensuring that you can learn every aspect of the system easily.

Adding in the ability to pair with a compatible smartphone gives you access to even more apps designed to make your driving time convenient and enjoyable. When you put these realizations together with the information the Westbury Toyota team has provided here in our quick and handy guide, odds are that it will not be long before you have Entune 3.0 up and running in your favorite Toyota and completely revolutionizing how you make your way around Westbury and the rest of the Long Island area.

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