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Brake Pad Replacement

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Toyota Brake Pad Replacement Services in Westbury, NY

Toyotas have always been relatively safe and reliable, with a long list of impressive safety systems. However, the brake system on your Toyota car, truck, SUV, crossover, or hybrid is easily the single most important safety system onboard. Key to normal, safe operation, your brakes must withstand tremendous heat, friction, and pressure every time you come to a stop, even under mild driving conditions. For this reason, brake pads were invented to provide needed protection between the piston and the disk or rotor inside your brakes. Your brake pads are designed to warn you with a squealing noise when they are getting too low. This gives you enough time to have the brake pads replaced before they can cause damage to your brake rotors.

Signs your Brake Pads Need Replacing

While it is possible, it is exceedingly rare that automobile brakes will fail unless they are damaged or poorly maintained. Here are a few signs you should look for that will tell you it’s time for brake service.


A Loud Scraping Noise

Inside every modern vehicle's brake drum, there is a metal tang held back by a fully functioning brake pad. When the brake pad wears down just enough, that tang can spring forward and scrape against the rotor or disk. This makes that telltale noise that tells you your brakes need service. Too many people continue to drive after this sound begins, eventually wearing through the warning tang, and begin to grind piston on rotor directly. This is the surest way to cause damage to your brakes.

Spongy Brakes

Sometimes when brake pads approach the end of their useful life, they begin to lose their solidity. When this happens, pressing down on your brake might feel a bit spongy. This can also mean that you have air in your brake line, which is a serious safety hazard. Either way, spongy braking is a sure sign your brakes need service.

Slower Braking

Sometimes braking can feel normal to your foot but just seems to take longer than normal. Every driver should have a well-conditioned and accurate sense of how much pressure it takes to stop their vehicle and how much space they need to come to a safe stop at speed. If your vehicle’s braking reaction is slowed or delayed, you may need new brake pads, or something worse may have gone wrong. Either way, your brakes should be serviced by our service department ASAP. We can make the fix quick using OEM parts.


Get Top Quality Service & Brake Pad Replacement at Westbury Toyota

Here at Westbury Toyota in Westbury, New York, Hempstead, Huntington, and Levittown, NY – our trained and certified Toyota brake technicians give you the parts and service you need to drive safely and reliably all year long.

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