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Engine Air Filter Replacement

Toyota Cabin Air Filter Service

Toyota Cabin Filter Replacement Service

There are at least two air filters in most Toyota vehicles, the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. In some older model vehicles, they only had the engine air filter and no cabin filter at all. However, those days are gone as most vehicles have both now. The engine air filter cleans air for the engine to use, while the cabin air filter prevents pollen and other contaminants from entering the vehicle's seating area.

Engine Air Filter vs Cabin Air Filter

The engine air filter blocks contaminants from getting into the engine combustion process itself and causing problems. The Toyota cabin air filter provides an added layer to air coming to the driver and passenger area itself. This second layer ensures that the ventilation blowing into the cabin is clear of finer particulates that made it past the engine air filter, which continues to be the primary vehicle intake.

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When Should I Replace My Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin air filter will do its job for quite a while, depending on the regional air conditions. However, when the filter does get clogged or old, folks will find that their car starts to get a musty smell until the air has blown out for a few minutes. The smell is most pronounced in the wet season as the humidity and moisture outside has made its way inside the car, and the grit on the cabin filter starts to get its own fine layer of mold or mildew. That’s high time to replace the cabin filter and have a clean airflow again, just like changing the HVAC filter in a home.

Where Is The Cabin Air Filter Located In My Toyota?

The cabin air filter tends to be installed in or below the front passenger side glovebox area. The exact location varies from vehicle to vehicle. Some are easy to get to, and other car models make it extremely hard, almost requiring a person to be upside down to access the filter underneath the glove box in the leg space. In most cases, however, it’s accessible either by removing the retainer clips or with a screwdriver to unscrew the securing bolts.


Include A Cabin Air Filter Replacement In Your Next Service

With most Toyotas in Westbury, New York, Hempstead, Huntington, and Levittown, the cabin air filter replacement is included in the recommended service schedule and can be taken care of in any service visit. Our factory-trained technicians at Westbury Toyota can easily include this change out with a new filter in your visit, whether it is for a basic oil change or a repair service. We carry air filters for all Toyotas in all the right sizes. So, schedule an appointment or drop-in, and we’ll get you back on the road breathing fresh air in your vehicle cabin all over again

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