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Intermediate Maintenance

Get Certified Toyota Service With Our Intermediate Maintenance Special

If you don’t know a lot about cars, regular service and maintenance can be intimidating. Even if you’re a huge car person, a busy life makes it easy to forget those simple but necessary services that keep your car in good shape. At Westbury Toyota, we’ve put together a comprehensive special that gives you a full slate of services to make sure you’re back on track. It’s called our Intermediate Maintenance special, and it’s here to save you money and lengthen your car’s life.

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Intermediate Maintenance Special Services

Included in the Intermediate Maintenance special are the following:

Not only do we work to make sure you get your regular services, but we’ve added some additional boosters as well. The advanced formula motor oil additive aids in protecting and lubricating your engine. The CF-5 fuel system cleaner helps remove and prevent deposits from building up in your fuel system and decreases your engine’s efficiency.

Certified Technicians and OEM Parts

No matter if it’s the oil change, brake inspection, or any of the services in the Intermediate Maintenance special, your maintenance is carried out by certified professionals. Their training and expertise provide a level of quality that’s unmatched, as well as a peace of mind about your service. We also offer OEM parts for every replacement, giving you the same part that Toyota designed for your car’s specific year and model. With genuine Toyota parts and credentialed experts, your service experience is guaranteed to be like no other.

Why Choose the Intermediate Maintenance Special

Not only does the Intermediate Maintenance special keep your car up-to-date on regular maintenance, but it also lets you save on quality maintenance. Every Intermediate Maintenance special comes with a work/cost explanation, detailing what exactly you were charged for and how the bundle saved you money. You also get a report from our multi-point inspection, which allows you to identify services that are needed in the immediate or near future. By keeping ahead of the services you need, you prevent expensive repairs and replacements down the road.


Come to Westbury Toyota for Our Intermediate Maintenance Special

It’s easy to see what a deal our Intermediate Maintenance special is. It allows you to get a bulk amount of services without paying full price for each one, and it gives you valuable information on how you saved and how you can save more in the future. We’re proud to serve the Westbury and surrounding areas, and we invite you to use our online scheduler and set up your appointment today!

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