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Oil Changes

Westbury Toyota Service Department

Toyota Oil Change Services in Westbury

We operate a Toyota certified service department at Westbury Toyota ready to provide the quality oil change services recommended for your Toyota model. We provide conventional and synthetic oil changes by a certified technician installing the highest quality genuine Toyota OEM parts. We also offer Toyota express oil changes for enhanced convenience and maximum service value.

Oil Change Service

Toyota Express Oil Changes

We understand that it can be difficult to find time to service your source of transportation; that’s why Westbury Toyota offers express oil & filter change services. When your Toyota is due for its next oil change, you do not have to let a busy schedule get in the way of routine vehicle maintenance when we provide the service needed so quickly and conveniently at Westbury Toyota.

Dangers of Putting Off Scheduled Oil Changes

Driving beyond a recommended oil change is not ideal as this will invite problems into your engine and driving experience. Old, sludgy oil will not lubricate the engine and internal parts will be exposed to enhanced wear and tear due to the increased friction and heat. Since the best way to protect the engine is with routine oil changes at the recommended miles, it is universally recommended by all major auto manufacturers to get oil changes when recommended.

Conventional Oil Icon

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is as old as the combustion engine as it has always required an internal lubricant to generate power effectively and efficiently. Conventional oil begins as petroleum and undergoes significant refinement to prepare it for performance within the engine’s extreme environment. Conventional oil has been advanced to resist thermal breakdown better than the early days but will require change service at 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Synthetic Blend Oil Icon

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend is just as it sounds, a blend of synthetic oil and conventional. This oil type offers you the best of both worlds with a lower price point than full synthetic oil but a longer service interval than conventional.

Synthetic Oil Icon

Synthetic Oil

Many Toyotas rely on synthetic oil to keep the engine lubricated as there are proven benefits of synthetic oil that makes it an attractive choice:

  • Improved lubrication equals improved fuel economy
  • Reduced engine friction that protects moving parts from excessive wear and tear
  • Faster flow equals better protection when starting the engine
  • Extended oil changes have less impact on the environment
  • Reduced long-term operational costs

Oil Change Service at Westbury Toyota

Oil changes begin with a certified technician working within a state-of-the-art facility certified by Toyota to provide quality oil changes. The skilled Toyota technician will remove the old oil from the engine and the old oil filter, inspect the exposed engine bay and undercarriage components, lubricate fittings, and install genuine Toyota OEM parts to specifications. In addition to the oil change services mentioned above, we also offer diesel oil changes for diesel-specific vehicles, and high mileage oil changes to give vehicles high in mileage better protection on the engine.



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