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Toyota Vehicle Disinfecting Service

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Whether your Toyota is a newer model with low miles or its one that you've owned for decades, you need to stay current on the recommended maintenance schedule. It is completely within your control to maintain the condition of your Toyota when you adhere to the recommendations, and Westbury Toyota is here to ensure that you have every advantage to do so. Our dedicated and trustworthy team of experts are available to share their wealth of knowledge to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Almost without exception and regardless if you own a car, truck, or SUV, Toyota recommends that you make a service appointment within six-month intervals or every 5,000 miles, whichever occurs first. However, the maintenance does vary depending on which Toyota model and model year that you own. Generally, the recommended maintenance will include service inspections for important safety components such as wiper blades, brake pads, and essential fluid levels. Our factory-trained technicians will also evaluate whether those recommendations should be adjusted based on specific driving habits as well as factors they determine could be beneficial to the longevity of your Toyota. The goal is to ensure that the value of your Toyota remains and that the safety is maintained. We use OEM parts for all Toyota services. Additional recommendations include: Oil and Filter Replacement, Comprehensive Multi-point Inspection, Engine Air Filter Inspection, Inspection of Drive Belts, Battery Inspection and Testing.

Long-Term Benefits

With proper maintenance, your vehicle has a greater chance of being dependable and safe as well as maintaining the trade and resale value. The above services are specifically designed to provide long-term benefits for your Toyota. For instance, oil and filter replacement helps to reduce the friction between the internal engine parts and the amount of heat that is produced. Failing to accomplish this service consistently can significantly reduce the performance of your Toyota. Additionally, regular tire rotations contribute to better fuel economy and ensure that your tires wear evenly. One of the primary causes of needing to replace tires before their full lifespan is not adhering to tire rotation recommendations.

Easy-to-use Service Scheduler

We've made scheduling your Toyota maintenance easy and convenient. Simply use our secure online service scheduler to decide on an appointment time that works for your schedule. For new customers, you will need your vehicle identification number (VIN), which can be found on your vehicle registration. For existing customers, you can use either your VIN, phone number or email address to gain immediate access. If you do not have your registration, we've included a description of other areas where the VIN can be found on your vehicle. Enter the 17-digit number into the system to gain access and then provide the information about the service you need, choose a time, and confirm.

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