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Toyota RAV4 Recall

Toyota RAV4 Recall Information

Paying Attention to RAV4 Recalls is Smart

Hearing about a Toyota recall on your car is probably on the bottom list of things people want to receive in the mail or get a phone message about. However, even when Toyota's recalls happen, it’s an excellent idea to take advantage of them.

How Does a Recall Work?

The high majority of recalls are voluntary. An automotive manufacturer realizes that there is a flaw or issue that needs to be addressed and fixed despite the best work and design. The notice goes out to all dealerships to do two things: follow a bulletin on how to implement the repair or fix, and two how to notify known owners of the given car model so that they can bring their cars in to be repaired or corrected at the expense of the manufacturer. Doing so helps car manufacturers avoid bigger problems later if the issue is ignored and someone gets seriously hurt. It also protects the consumer who bought the car, expecting it to work as advertised and marketed.

The Information that Confirms a Recall Applies

Not every make and model of a Toyota is affected when a recall goes out. The notices are specific to a given model, year, and even production run. So, it’s quite possible to have a RAV4 in the same year or next year unaffected by a recall. The way that eligibility is confirmed is by verifying the included VINs and production runs that the manufacturer has specified in the related bulletin. It’s easy to confirm if your RAV4 is included. All you have to do is bring it down to Westbury Toyota in Westbury, NY, and our service center can take your specific car model and number and check it against Toyota’s network system and recall database.

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If the Recall Applies

Suppose it turns out that your car is included in a given recall, even if you didn’t get a personal notice. In that case, our dealership can address the matter per Toyota’s bulletin and apply the necessary repairs or corrections. We handle Toyotas from all over, including New York, Hempstead, Huntington, and Levittown. There is no charge to you; recalls obligate Toyota to address the cost of the repair. So, it makes perfect sense to check and get the correction applied. And, even better, if you have your RAV4 regularly serviced at Westbury Toyota, we will proactively check for any recalls that might apply to your model, year, and VIN. So even if one got missed, we’re going to find it and keep your car safe on the road.



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