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Toyota Tundra Recalls

Toyota Tundra Recall Service Westbury, NY

Toyota Tundra Recalls

The safety of all Toyota drivers is our top priority here at Westbury Toyota. All vehicle manufacturers issue recalls from time to time, and while many revolve around minor problems and not likely to cause significant damage, it is still important to get them handled in a timely manner. In some cases, letting recalls go ignored can result in much more timely and expensive fixes, and it could even result in your vehicle becoming unsafe for everyday driving. Whether you know your Toyota Tundra is under a recall notice or you're not sure, we're here to help.


How Do I Know if My Toyota Tundra Has a Recall?

If you are the legal owner of your Toyota Tundra (as in, you hold the title or are financing it through a dealership and have registered the vehicle with your state), you should receive a notice from Toyota whenever a recall is issued for your particular model. Sometimes it can take a while for these notices to arrive, or your recall information notice may be otherwise delayed (especially if you have moved since purchasing your vehicle). The good news is that you can also find out by asking a certified Toyota mechanic or dealership, as they will always have the most up-to-date recall information for your Tundra. You can also check with The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for Toyota Tundra recall information.

Do I Have to Pay Anything for a Recall Repair?

Under the IIHS and Toyota's policy, no, you do not need to pay anything for a recall repair as long as it is performed at a certified Toyota service center. After all, your safety is the top concern, and letting you drive away without getting the recall repair is in nobody's best interest. That said, if time allows many drivers like to have their free recall repairs done at the same time as other maintenance work, which will be billed separately. If you go to a mechanic that is not certified for work on Toyotas, your Tundra may not be eligible for free recall repairs, and in some cases the work done could affect your warranty.


Where Can I Get My Toyota Tundra Recall Taken Care of in Westbury, NY?

When you receive a Toyota Tundra recall notice, it's imperative that you get it taken care of as soon as possible. Our team at Westbury Toyota is here for you. While we do make recalls a priority, we recommend calling ahead of time to prevent having to wait. We will also perform a complimentary four-point inspection to make sure that no other problems go unnoticed. If you are interested in other services being performed during your recall, please ask for more information. We look forward to getting you back out on the road safely!

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